Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to throw the ultimate destination bachelorette party any bride-to-be will be lucky to attend.

A destination bachelorette party combines two equally amazing things—traveling and celebrating your bestie bride-to-be! Typically planned by the maid of honor, this trip is filled with bach-swag and reliving glory days. If you’ve been asked to help throw a jet-setting bachelorette party for the bride-to-be, we’ve got the low down for you. From deciding when you should book hotels to figuring out travel plans with fellow bridesmaids, we’ve broken down a timeline for you.

4 Months Out

Put Together the Guest List
Plan a time to get together with the bride-to-be where she can let you know who she wants to invite. The bachelorette party usually includes the bridesmaids, close friends and also extended family of the bride, so it is always a good idea to get a list of addresses and contact info of who the bride wants to celebrate with.

Pick a Date
Now that you’ve received everyone’s contact info, create a Facebook group or a group text thread where you can go over date options. This is the easiest way to see who is available on which weekends. In order to ensure a date will work for everyone, include a lot of options. That way you can find a weekend where everyone is free.

Set a Budget
Once you’ve picked a date for the bachelorette party, you should then go over a price point that everyone is willing to spend. In order to ensure no one will break the bank, be willing to compromise. Remember that some people may not be able to spend the same amount as others. One of the easiest ways to come to an agreement is to provide a few options. Then find a number that works for everyone.

Choose a City
After you’ve settled on a price point, now is the time to do some research and find the party’s location. If the bride-to-be doesn’t have a preference on where she wants visit, check out the top bachelorette party destination locations. Just make sure the city you pick fits the bride’s personality.

3 Months Out

Send Out a Reminder
Once you hit the three month mark, you’ll want to start rallying up the girls and getting them excited for the bach-bash! This can either be a friendly email or a quick text to everyone to let them know it’s time to start finalizing plans.

Finalize Travel Plans
The first big step of finalizing plans is booking travel. You’ll want to find out where every bridesmaid is traveling from and see if you can coordinate flights or other travel. Perhaps getting on the same connecting flight, or if you choose to drive, plan a road trip where you can carpool or caravan. Traveling together will get the party going with the help of playlists filled with classic throwbacks or even a little shout out for the bride-to-be by the flight attendant during take off.

Book Your Stay
Whether you opt to stay in a hotel or decide to rent a vacation home, you’ll definitely want to book accommodations right after you’ve squared away travel plans. If you are unfamiliar with the city that the bachelorette is taking place, browse online and see where the hotspots are. Then find a hotel or a vacation rental nearby. This will help cut costs on taxis too since you’ll be right next to all the action.

Two Months Out

Select a Theme
One of the best parts about a destination bachelorette party is getting creative with the theme of the bash. Some of our favorites include casino night, masquerade-themed and even “Something Blue”-themed. Having a theme will also help with bach-swag, such as multi-colored wigs, matching tanks or even temporary glitzy tattoos that you can wear as you hit the town.

Mail Invites
Once you’ve selected a theme, mailing invitations is the next task on your list. While sending out invitations isn’t necessary, it can be a fun way to get the gals pumped for the trip. You also can get creative by choosing or even customizing your invites with gold foils or watercolor motifs! Sending out invitations is a cute and friendly way to remind everyone that the bach trip is almost a month away!

One Month Out

Buy Swag
You definitely can’t opt out of getting bachelorette décor and swag if you are planning a destination bachelorette party. Bach-swag and other décor items will transform your bachelorette headquarters. So be bold and purchase décor that will liven up where you will be staying. We suggest stocking up on confetti, “Bride-to-be” bunting banners and anything that goes along with your theme. It provides for a great backdrop for photos too!

Get Games
Games are a fun way to help break the ice at a bachelorette party and also get the party started. Plan some time during the trip where you can sit down with everyone and play. Some game options that are great for destination bachelorette parties include 21 Questions or even Truth or Dare cards.

Prepare a Menu
You’ll definitely want to plan some kind of menu that includes snacks and drinks for the weekend-get-away. Discuss with other bridesmaids on who will bring or purchase what beverages and food items. Even if you are planning to go out for most of your meals, having a few appetizers and some wine selections will make getting ready that much better. Also, who doesn’t love a few late-night snack options to munch on after a night out?

One Week Out

Create the Hashtag
To get everyone excited that the trip is just a week away, create a personalized bachelorette hashtag and send it to your group thread. This way you’ll get everyone communicating together and it can help fuel the excitement! The hashtag is also a great way to keep track of every (hopefully not too embarrassing) photo taken from the weekend.

Confirm Hotel/Vacation Home
It’s always a good idea the week before to check in with the rental company or hotel one last time to go over any nitty gritty details. Such as, where you can pick up the key to the rental home or when you can check into your hotel rooms.

One Day Out

Check-in or fill up your tank
If you are flying out for the bachelorette party, then you will want to make sure everyone in the group has checked in and printed/downloaded their boarding passes. Or, if you are opting to drive, make sure you’ve filled up your tank so you don’t have to stop right away.

Rest Up
Lastly, the night before, make sure you get a good night’s sleep. That way you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for an ultimate girls trip get-away!