How to Throw a Naughty Bachelorette Party

So your best friend has decided the man she’s with will be the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Soon, she will become a wife and a mother. She will start responding to your invites with excuses on how little Timmy is still awake or that the babysitter’s unavailable. As time goes by, you’ll probably see less and less of her, and it’ll become that boring relationship between grown-ups who see each other only during cookouts.

Before that happens, it’s time to celebrate! You’re not only celebrating her upcoming wedding, but you’re also saying farewell to her life as a single woman. In a sense, you’re saying goodbye to an era and welcoming a new one with open arms.

So what’s the best way to do it? You know it already! You should get as crazy as you can, do all those things that made you happy and wild before. Maybe even explore and do things you’ve talked about but never actually went through with. A naughty bachelorette party is a perfect way for a bride to go into her marriage, and it’s your job to organize it. What do you need to do? Let’s check out!

Consult the Bride

First things first — let’s not forget who the star of the show is. The bride is the sole reason you’re throwing this party. Make sure she’s entirely on board with what you’re going to do. It’s great if you want to have a naughty party, but don’t do it if the bride is not into it. Ask her about how she imagined the party would go down. Of course, you can (and should) keep things secret to surprise her. But you have to make sure she will appreciate the surprise.

Additionally, you should find out who else will be present beside you and your friends. Depending on who she invited, there might be some restrictions on how far you can go. For example, if the groom’s sister and mother will be present, it might prove tasteless to bring in a bachelorette party stripper that’s willing to go the extra mile.

Add Booze

Once you’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to think about your party supplies. Obviously, you need balloons and other decorative elements. You should also have a spread for when the girls get hungry.

But, perhaps most importantly, you should make sure there’s booze. And a lot of it. The worst thing that can happen to any party is to run out of booze just when things start getting interesting. Alcohol is an essential element of a naughty party. It will make everyone feel more relaxed and more open to participating in various activities.

How Naughty Do You Want It to Be?

Think about how far you want to go with it. The thing is, you have the option to go quite a long way with it, so you should see where the limit is. For instance, some will stop at a penis-shaped cake, which will get a few chuckles. Others will invite a stripper that the bride can be touchy with. If she gets too tipsy, she might even get too touchy, which can be a success as well as a disaster. It’s up to you to see where you want to draw the line and organize accordingly.

Lingerie Party

Lingerie party is an excellent idea for a girls-only party in general. That is, if you’re into it, and the girls you’re hanging with like it as well. You can buy sexy lingerie for each other and try it out. Maybe make a modeling show and walk around pretending you’re getting a Victoria Secret paycheck. After a lingerie party, you can have everyone present go home with a piece of lingerie with them. Alternatively, the bride can take them as a gift to keep things interesting in marriage.

You can incorporate a lingerie party with other activities and make this into one of the fun games you can play. For instance, let’s imagine you’ve organized for a stripper to show up. Things can become interesting instantly if everyone around him is in sexy underwear!

Sex Toy Party

With a sex toy party, the idea is that everyone should buy a sex toy or something sex-related. Then, you can either give it as a gift to one another or, more commonly, all items go to the bride. That is a fun way to be naughty while the bride also gets something practical for her marriage. You can buy anything from sexy underwear to dildos or even strapons.

That is also an excellent way to get the bride ready for her honeymoon. Remember, toasters and other boring gifts are for the bridal shower. Bachelorette party gifts should include handcuffs, a magic wand, and anal beads!

Pole Dancing Class

The bride-to-be always wanted to learn how to pole dance, but she never got around to doing it, and now she’s getting married? Your bachelorette party can be the perfect timing to organize a lesson for her! A professional shows up and teaches a few easy tricks that everyone can follow. If you know that the bride will be into it, you should go for it.

Strip Club vs. Hiring a Male Stripper

Let’s say you’ve settled for the idea of treating your bride-to-be with some skin. The question is, should you go to a strip club or hire a stripper for a private show? It all depends on how you want things to go down. If you go to a strip club, you don’t have to worry about your party supplies, although drinks will be more expensive. You’ll also need to hire a limo driver to get to the club and back. There will be more strippers on show; however, there will also be other guests, and the bride probably won’t be strippers’ focus.

Alternatively, hiring a stripper can prove cheaper, and he will show up to treat the bride and other attendees. Unfortunately, it’s a bigger hassle to organize it all as you need to seek out an agency and book a show. You can also get more personal with a private stripper if that’s what you’ve agreed upon.