The big day approaches. There are so much excitement and last-minute jitters. Ever since the engagement, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours planning and prepping for the moment to say, “Yes”! However, as much as we’d all like for everything to go as smoothly as possible, there are always some unforeseen circumstances. It’s entirely normal to forget something and feel nervous. Here are some of the best bride tips we can offer as your last-minute checklist to avoid any major mistakes and prepare for the big day as best as possible.

Don’t be put off by the amount of work that goes into wedding planning (See how to plan a wedding). With proper organization and keeping your stress levels as low as possible with bridal care, there’s no doubt that you will have the most unforgettable time. So let’s dive into the wedding prep business and see what may have slipped your mind.

Take Beauty Vitamins

As the wedding day draws near, there are many things to consider. For starters, the bride-to-be needs to feel and look rested and stay healthy for the big day. A few months before the wedding day, you should always aim to boost your health and immune system with some precious vitamins and minerals that will rejuvenate you. Changing some lifestyle habits is also a reasonable precaution since some can affect your overall health or cause other underlying issues. Some of the best vitamins and supplements you can use are listed below:

  • Vitamins B, C, and D— These vitamins are essential for your overall health. Vitamin C is perfect for immune-boosting and giving you that lovely youthful glow. Vitamin B can help keep your skin, nails, and hair in the best condition possible for the big day. Finally, vitamin D is essential for reducing your stress levels, especially for seasonal affective disorders.
  • Iron — It is commonly known that women tend to suffer from iron deficiency more often, so make sure you get enough to keep your health in check. Besides keeping your blood cells filled with oxygen, iron is also excellent for skin and hair. Well-oxygenated blood vessels stimulate hair and nail growth and regeneration.
  • Collagen — This amino-acid isn’t a vitamin, but it’s equally vital to mention. In the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a rush of cosmetic products infused with collagen because of its beautifying properties. If you take them, you can ensure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. See Top 6 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements.

Follow a Strict Sleep Schedule

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to make any drastic changes to your sleep schedule months before your wedding, you should try following one at least one week before it. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for reducing stress, keeping your mental health in check, and strengthening your immune system. Some tips for falling asleep faster and earlier for those who are having some troubles with it are:

  • Don’t look at your phone/computerfor at least an hour before bed — the effects of blue light cause your melatonin levels to decrease, making you stay up later.
  • Try meditating and doing some breathing exercisesbefore bed; you should do that to relax, clear your mind, and wind down after a hectic day.
  • Avoid caffeine; try a lighter meal — heavy meals before bed might induce heartburn and nausea, so avoid fatty foods, sugar, or high-carb dinners before bed.

Start a Fitness and Meal Plan

By starting a fitness and meal plan a few months before the wedding, you will stay healthy for your wedding day. Although losing weight doesn’t have to be your goal, it can be an excellent stepping stone toward creating new healthy habits way after the wedding is over. Of course, every bride-to-be is different, so you need to adjust the plan according to your lifestyle and needs. Some useful tips can always be:

  • cut out alcoholic beverages
  • focus on one goal
  • keep up with the plan
  • stay hydrated
  • take more walks
  • try cardio

When push comes to shove, you can always hire a personal trainer who can provide you with the best-personalized exercises and meal plans.

Travel Alone

Traveling alone is somewhat a controversial theme. Although it’s essential to nurture and take care of your relationships, it’s equally vital to take some time alone. If you plan a trip to embark on by yourself, you will have many opportunities for that. That may sound scary at the start, but leaving that comfort zone is the first step to acknowledging your independence and feeling empowered. Taking time away from others will help you clear your mind and boost your self-esteem. You can plan almost anything; isn’t that the perfect opportunity to check something off your bucket list? You may make some new friends along the way and come back wiser and more adaptable. So pick a location you always wanted to go to, unplug from your social media, and embark on a new adventure!

Schedule Spa and Facial Treatment Days

Here are also some bride beauty tips for before the wedding day: You want to catch some well-deserved r&r with your best buddies. Why not go to a spa a few times and treat yourself to some facials and all-around relaxing treatments? With all of the stress and tasks piling up, taking a few days off in-between the planning is an excellent idea to blow off some steam. Stress, sun, sweat, and other external factors can affect your skin in negative ways. A relaxing spa day can undo all of that damage and inflammations and return the healthy glow back. You can find various bridal packages with customized services in spas all around. All you have to do is pick a date, enjoy your day, and forget about your worries.

Learn How to Meditate

Meditation is essential to achieving inner peace and reducing stress. In-between all the planning, rushing to get everything done in time, worrying about forgetting something, and other issues, you should take a few minutes off to unwind.

Meditation will help you clear your mind, lower anxiety, improve mood, and help you sleep better at night. The best way to meditate is to take 5–10 minutes of the day to be alone in a quiet place. You will need to disconnect from your phone and social media, mute all sounds, and prepare to focus solely on your breathing. Find a comfortable space where you can relax your body and stop any tension.

Meditation is all about breathing slowly, taking in the air and exhaling while trying not to think about anything. After that, you could even keep a small journal where you could write some thoughts, observations, or even inspiration.

Prepare for That Killer Smile

Your smile is crucial — on your wedding day, there won’t be a single dull moment. And most of them will be commemorated with a picture. That is why you must have a killer smile ready for that day. Before the big day, you should schedule an appointment at the dentist’s. There, take care of the following: get a cleaning, check for any emergency fixes, and start whitening treatments. In the meantime, keep your oral hygiene at home steady. Stay away from sugary goodness, and watch your sips (like coffee or other beverages that tend to stain teeth), and you’ll be good to go!