It’s no secret that anal sex is incredibly kinky and intense. It leads to mind-blowing orgasms for both the giver and the receiver, but there are so many things that can go wrong. For one, hygiene is imperative. While that is quite obvious, many people overlook it. Additionally, even the biggest sex toy fiends can make mistakes and buy the wrong type of toy. Furthermore, you mustn’t forget to disinfect and clean your gadgets after use. 

So before you decide to stock up on a perverse collection of anal dildos and toys for your or your partner’s bootyhole, follow our tips. Keep reading to learn how to maintain the quality of your anal dildos! 

Clean Yourself First

As it goes with any type of anal, you’ll need to devote some prep time. You’ll have to clean yourself before any penetration to avoid a stinky situation. After all, ridiculous asshole names like dirt star, browneye, chocolate starfish, and poop chute were invented for a reason!  Luckily, some of the steps you can take are quite simple. Plus, after cleaning your or your partner’s ass, anal will be much more enjoyable, and toys will be able to slide in smoothly. 

There are a few different ways to get ready for anal. First, go to the bathroom at least 12 to 24 hours before anal play or penetration. Then, you can clean yourself externally with soap and water. That may be enough for small anal toys and light penetration. 

However, if you’re looking to unleash your inner pornstar and take on bigger and wider dildos, you can try an internal rinse. Water enemas can clean out your entire rectum, which means your ass will be fudge-free and ready for any type of anal. 

For quick cleaning, you can use a shower hose (don’t insert it). For a full cleanse, an enema bulb will rinse you out thoroughly. You can use it to simply fill up your rectum with water and empty that water into the toilet. That takes a few minutes, and it will prepare you for long anal sessions. You’ll be ready to tease yourself with butt plugs, sodomize your submissive slut with monster dildos, massage your prostate with special devices, and much more!

Choosing the Right Anal Toy

The best way to avoid maintenance issues is to pick a high-quality device. Your butthole should only get the best, and that means you should pay attention to the materials used. Anal dildos, butt plugs, and other types of anal toys are made of various materials. The most popular are metal, silicone, and glass.

If you are only looking into dildos, silicone will be the smartest choice, and you can start choosing one at This material is hypoallergenic and non-porous. That means it does not absorb bacteria or irritate the skin. Moreover, silicone toys feel smooth. They are also bendy and a perfect fit for any type of anal experiment. Anal dildos can have a phallic and non-phallic shape and can come in any size that suits you. What’s more, silicone is a fantastic material for butt plugs, anal beads, and anal vibrators. However, metal and glass are also smart choices for anal sex toys. They are smooth, hard, and are quite straightforward to clean. Moreover, they can heat up after insertion and allow you to experiment with all sorts of temperature play. 

Lastly, before you choose your dream dildo, think about how you want to play with it. If you’re solo, a dildo with a suction cup will work wonders. If you only want to try it during foreplay with your partner, smaller types could be better. Plus, if you’re an anal newbie, don’t reach for that monster dildo right away. Start with something moderate and train your asshole gradually. Smaller anal dildos can be fantastic sex toys for women and men who are just getting into anal.

How to Remove Factory Smell Before Use

Freshly unpacked sex products can sometimes arrive with a factory smell. This scent is nothing to worry about. It’s usually a by-product of the manufacturing process, especially if chemical softeners are used. However, it could bug some people. 

The smell is most common with PVC or rubber toys, and it may not even occur if the product is made out of silicone. But if you wish to remove any type of factory smell from your new toy, the easiest thing to do is to simply air it out. Unbox it and leave it on a non-porous surface. You should allow it to have plenty of air. What’s more, it may be an excellent idea to leave it next to a cold fan or vent. After that, you can wash and sanitize it with mild soaps or adult toy cleaners. Make sure that your new sex device is fully dry before using it. 

After-Use Care

It’s easy to keep your toys sanitized if you use them with condoms. And if you share a toy, condoms are a must. Moreover, if you’re planning to swap holes (anal to vaginal and vice versa), the same applies. But if your new dildo is reserved for your butthole only, you can get away without a rubber. However, pay attention to the correct after-use care. It will keep your devices clean and make them last longer. 

Don’t leave your toy to dry after use as bacteria and all sorts of sticky substances can damage it. The best way to sanitize one after your play session is to rinse it with hot water and soap. If you use a 100% silicone product, it can be cleaned in a dishwasher or even boiled.

If you only intend to use soap, anti-bacterial products will be sufficient. However, only use mild soap since harsher products could ruin your toys. Furthermore, water-based lube will be ideal for any material. Plus, it is perfect for smooth anal penetration. After the wash, pat-dry the product and store it in the case it arrived in. You may also use a cloth bag. Just remember not to leave it in direct sunlight as it can damage it. 

Where to Keep Anal Dildos

As mentioned, before any type of storage, make sure that your anal dildo is dried, sanitized, and clean. Ideally, the toy will arrive with a cute case or box, but that may not apply to all products. If you receive a box, leave the toy in there. However, as mentioned above, you can leave it in a dust or cloth bag too. Then, you’ll be able to store it in a drawer or somewhere similar. Just make sure it’s close to you so that you can pull it out when needed. Even though a treasure chest of all sorts of pervy devices sounds incredible, try not to store multiple toys together without any barriers — that could damage them. And to keep your anal dildo out of sight, you can use your bedside table drawers or the space under your bed. 

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to care for your anal dildo, it’s time to get relaxed and turned on. Experiment with all sorts of anal action! However, remember that cleaning anal toys should be your priority. Bottoms up!