Jeweled butt plugs are the hottest sex toy right now and their interest in them is only growing. It seems that they fly completely off the shelves of sex shops around the country. Take a quick look at the largest sex toy stores and found that jeweled butt plugs of different models were under the heading “best-selling” on four of them! But what do you really have a butt plug for? Does it “perform” any major function during sex? Calm down, here in this article you will get to know why jeweled butt plugs are so crazy hot and why everyone should own at least one!

Jeweled butt plugs come in all imaginable shapes and colors but have some common traits that are necessary for it to sit firmly in place in the anal during sex or everyday exercise. In order for you to feel safe wearing your plug and not have to worry about it slipping too far into you, it should be drop shaped with a thinner neck and a wide base. Always look for this when you buy a butt plug, so you don’t have to embarrass your trips to the emergency room!

Why are jeweled butt plugs so crazy popular then? Yes

Jeweled butt plugs stimulate the prostate

Unfortunately, we women do not have any prostate, but guys have! It is a gland that helps to squeeze out the sperm upon ejaculation. It is often called the man’s G-spot and stimulated properly can trigger a really powerful orgasm. The prostate can be accessed via the anal with – for example – a well-shaped butt plug.

Butt plug-Tips!

Sometimes it can feel forbidden and exciting to wear a butt plug during the day, maybe among people in the grocery store or in the lecture hall? Then consider choosing a butt plug with a narrow neck. They are more comfortable to join for longer periods. Wide neck jeweled butt plugs are better suited for warming up before anal sex or during other shorter moments.

When you wear a butt plug for longer moments, a silicone-based lubricant also fits better than a water-based one that quickly dries out and becomes sticky.

A good butt plug makes anal sex more beautiful

By “warming up” the muscles of the anal with a little less before being penetrated by something larger, the risk of pain and injury behind it decreases. Here is a butt plug the perfect tool! Since they enter so many varieties of sizes – there are even whole sets of jeweled butt plugs to buy – you can start with a very small size and slowly transition to coarser and coarser models as your body gets used to it. Choose from different types of butt plugs from size to the designs when you visit LovePlug.

Your partner will also be stimulated

A good butt plug can be felt through the thin wall that separates the vagina and anal. It also allows your partner to be stimulated by vaginal sex. If you also have a butt plug with a vibrator, the feeling becomes even more comfortable for your partner!

How are jeweled butt plugs used?

Since the anal does not produce any own lubricant, it is important to add this when using anal plugs. Regardless of gender, there are lots of nerve endings at and in the anal that are nice to stimulate. This can be done through pressure and stimulation using a butt plug. By stimulating yourself or your partner you get another way to enjoy. Many people also like to have a butt plug inside and pull it out as the orgasm approaches.

At the anal, there are two ring muscles. The outermost is will-driven, which means that it is you yourself who decides whether that ring muscle should be open or closed. The ring muscle inside follows what the exterior does. When using an anal toy, it is important to listen to the body, take it easy and use lubricant. A good method is to press lightly against the outer ring muscle for about ten to fifteen seconds. Then the ring muscle will open and it is possible to insert an object. Further up the anal, there are more ring muscles that work in the same way. This means you have to press for a while and then wait for the ring muscle to open. For most models, you only get past the two outermost ring muscles.

Since the anal does not produce any own lubricant, it is important to add this when using anal plugs. Partly to reduce the risk of damage, during penetration, but also to increase pleasure. It is not possible to overuse lubricants. Add before you start and preferably several times during use. Silicone-based and water-based lubricants are the most common varieties.

How do I choose the right butt plug?

As with all other toys, finding the right product and getting to know it is important. A butt plug can be used in many different ways and stimulate different areas of the anal. For men, there is something called the p-point. It is the prostate, an area that sits 5-8 cm up in the anal. Many people like to get the p-point stimulated by means of massage, pressure or vibration. The best way to stimulate the prostate is done with a prostate vibrator.

There are anal dildos both with and without vibration. Of course it happens to be also probable using dildos with vibrator in places other than the anal. In addition to the vibrator variants, there are other anal plugs made of glass, or shaped like a silicone chain.

Why butt plug?

There are many reasons to love jeweled butt plugs. There are many reasons to love jeweled butt plugs. Some like the feeling of being fulfilled by something, while others prefer when something is put in and out through the anal. Feeling vibrations along the ring muscles can be a tickling and arousing feeling. Many people also like to be double penetrated with the help of an anal plug. Find a method that suits you, play loose, get to know your body with the product and find new ways to enjoy it – either yourself or with someone.