Are you worthy enough to receive an invitation to a grand event like this? A bachelorette party is more important than you think. Well, at least it’s important to the future bride. It’s an event that celebrates and honors her. Plus, it allows her to go crazy and have as much fun as she can before settling down. That means this isn’t an event you should miss.

But who gets the privilege of attending a bachelorette party? Who plans the whole event? Does the bride have any say? We’ll answer all of those questions right now.

Whoever Organizes the Party May Have a List of Invites

When it comes to great bachelorette parties, not everyone can plan them. Consider them the exclusive party to be at as part of the whole wedding ceremony. So not only do certain people plan them, but they’re limited to almost exclusively those closest to the bride-to-be.

But who makes the decision regarding who to invite? It’s important to note that it’s usually the maid of honor who organizes this special event. However, anyone from the bride’s close circle can offer to plan and host it as well.

That means you should hope you’re not on the maid of honor’s bad side. Still, her word is not final. The bride can take a look at the invitation list and decide if she wants to keep/remove anybody. So yes, there’s an etiquette for invitations, and this party isn’t something that everyone can attend.

The Bridal Party

The first people to find themselves on the invitee list are, of course, the members of the bride’s entourage. We’re talking strictly about adults here. That means that minors have to stay at home. Why? Bachelorette parties usually aren’t kid-friendly as things can get quite naughty fast. Of course, not all parties are like that.

If you’re wondering who can be part of the bridal party, let us answer that question right now. Let’s assume that no guys are allowed at this bachelorette party. That would mean that a bridal party consists of the maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, and bride’s and groom’s mothers.

Again, you might not want children at an R-rated party. Plus, would you want your mother and mother-in-law to watch your every move? Of course not, especially when you’re supposed to go crazy and have fun one last time before you settle down.

So the members of the bridal party are a must-have at every bachelorette party. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose, depending on the kind of party you’re organizing.

Closest Friends

Still, not everyone can be a part of the bride’s entourage, which is understandable. There can only be so many bridesmaids, flower girls, and only one maid of honor. However, that doesn’t mean that the bride doesn’t have any other close friends. What happens to them in regards to being invited to the party? It all depends.

As we know, the maid of honor is the one that usually plans this event. That means she has the power to put anyone she wants on the list. Let’s say it depends on the bachelorette party theme. Not every single person from the close friends group will want to go clubbing or participate in the group activity set for this specific party.

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That’s completely understandable as not all people are the same. In those cases, they won’t be on the list of invitees. Again, that will only be the case for the reasons we’ve mentioned above.

The bride will probably want as many of her close friends and people she loves to attend the party and celebrate with her. Besides, this is all in her honor, so she would want a proper send-off from all the people she holds dear.

Sisters and Would-Be-in-Laws

If you’re planning to keep your party PG, the guidelines to invites for the bachelorette party are clear — in-laws are a must! Well, if not the future mother-in-law, then the invitation should at least go out to the sisters.

Why does this matter? Bonding time with your future family matters a lot. That’s especially the case if you got off on the wrong foot. Nobody wants your relationship to be sour, especially because you’ll be marrying their son. That said, hanging out with in-laws in a setting like this matters.

Inviting them to the bachelorette party is important because you want to show them you care for and respect them, even though this party is all about showing respect and honoring you (the bride).

Having all of that in mind, inviting your in-laws means bonding time. No matter how little you might like them, it will prove useful in the future. Plus, the groom is sure to appreciate that.

The Final Say

At the end of the day, nothing will go without the bride’s approval. No rules or laws have more power than what the bride wants on her wedding day. Not only that, but every part of the wedding is in her control. That, of course, includes the bachelorette party.

It would be weird for the bride to plan her own party, so she should know as little as possible about it. Aside from the possible theme and who will be attending, she is kept in the dark. So just know that if you find yourself on the invitee list — you have the bride’s approval.


When it comes to bachelorette parties, only those worthy enough are able to step up and plan it. Much like only the worthy ones can pick up Thor’s hammer or draw Excalibur from the stone — it’s the same amount of importance and power!

This isn’t just a simple party. The planner has to make sure everything is perfect and to the bride’s liking. If you’ve ever been around any bride-to-be, you’ll know that’s not exactly an easy task.