Wondering how to make a bachelorette party entertaining? It’s probably easier than you think. That’s especially the case if you include some fun games. Don’t worry though — not all parties need to include dirty games. We know that not everyone is always in the mood for that.

That’s why we present you with the best bachelorette party games out there, making it even easier for you to plan and execute this fun event!

Warming Up

Getting married is not as dull as some bitter people want you to believe. It all starts with a bang, doesn’t it? What’s more fun than celebrating the fact that you’re marrying someone you love? We can’t think of many things. READ: 20 things to ask before getting married.

Before the whole wedding ceremony begins, it’s only right for the bride-to-be to have a bachelorette party. These parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you involve some fun or naughty games in the process. Why do these games matter? They can help out more than you think.

Oftentimes, bachelorette parties will have invitees from different areas of the bride’s life. Some will be from her personal life, high school, or childhood, while others are friends from work, colleagues, etc. With that many people, you can’t guarantee that they’ll know each other or even get along as you want them to. That’s where fun games come in.

Whether you’ll be playing in teams or not, bachelorette games are perfect for making people come together. They are great for avoiding awkward conversations between people who don’t know each other and don’t have much in common. Everyone just jumps straight into playing. By the time the real party starts, everyone will be friends!

Top Five Tame Party Games

Tame bachelorette party games might sound boring now, but wait until you start playing them. Not every party has to be naughty, especially if the bride doesn’t approve of it. Here are some of the great game ideas for a tame bachelorette party.

The Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game when you want to ensure that the bridal shower is memorable. It’s easy to plan, and you can find many of them online as well. Have a list of challenges and split into teams. The first team to finish all the challenges wins! Of course, we’re Team Bride.

Never Have I Ever…

Much like any lighthearted quiz, this one serves to spike up the fun at the party. The best part about it? You can play it whenever you want! The questions can depend on many things. For example, if you have a theme, you should stick to it. Otherwise, you can just have the bride-to-be ask questions she comes up with on the spot.

The Gift Bingo

This game is one of our favorites, and it’s fun to play even if you don’t like Bingo. Guessing games are always exciting, and this time, you’re guessing the gifts the future bride will receive. The standard Bingo rules apply — the winner is the person that has five correct guesses in a row.

Jenga… With a Twist!

Who doesn’t like a good game of Jenga? This doesn’t need to be just a simple game of strategy. You can add your own rules and challenges for every block a guest pulls. Make them as difficult as you want, but remember to keep things lighthearted! READ: How to beat anyone in Jenga.

Pin a Kiss On…

Is there a person the bride — or her friend group — finds irresistible? If so, it’s time to print a huge picture of them and start pinning some kisses! It works the same way as “Pin the tail on the donkey,” except this one is more fun.

Top Five Naughty Party Games

Let’s get the real party started! If you’d like to spice this party up, we give you a list of some of the best naughty bachelorette party games.

Drop the Panties

We know how this sounds. However, you won’t have to undress (just yet). This game works as follows: each of the guests brings a pair of their lingerie, and the future bride has to guess which guest they belong to. Once she guesses, the person takes a shot!

Would She Rather…

Let’s find out how kinky the bride is. Make an “either-or” list consisting of various sexy things, then check one of each that you think applies to the bride. Some might be in for a real surprise once she reveals the answers.

Naughty Pictionary

Do you like drawing? We do too. Let’s give this game a spin though. Draw dirty things or acts and have other guests guess them. You never know — you might be giving some people fresh sexy ideas in the process.

Dicky Stickies

Everyone likes a good dare, right? As always, this game has a sexy twist. Keep things as in control as you want, or let the Bride Tribe loose in the local club/bar. This party will be unforgettable unless someone has too much booze.

Sculpt a Veggie Penis!

You can use an eggplant (wink wink) or — women’s favorite — a cucumber. Have a bunch of tools ready, such as knives and peelers. Each of the guests will have a limited time with a single tool before they have to pass it on. After the game ends, whoever ends up with the most realistic-looking penis wins!


It’s all fun and games as long as things are kept stress-free. Planning a party can sometimes be stressful, yes, but there are some general rules and etiquette to follow.

No matter the bachelorette party activity, make sure everyone’s on board with it. These parties are meant to be fun, so you don’t want anybody sulking in the corner or not participating. Everyone needs to be involved and interact with each other. That means no petty drama or arguments, especially not in front of the bride.

Speaking of the bride, make sure you don’t stress her out. Weddings can sometimes have her on pins and needles, so she doesn’t need any more things to worry about.

If you’re going to a bar or a club, mind your alcohol consumption. This might be a party, but everyone’s primary concern should always be the safety of the guests. There’s nothing better than a girls’ night out as long as it’s safe. Sure, you want the future bride to experience as much fun as possible before marriage, but at what cost?

In case the bride wants to cease the fun and call it a night, everyone should respect her decision. After all, this is all in her honor.


And that’s how you plan a bachelorette party with games. You don’t need much; some games don’t even need special props. All you need is a group of fun people to participate in these games, and you’re all set.

As always, don’t forget to keep things safe for everyone. We want this party to be memorable for everyone, but not in a bad way.