We bet you didn’t think it was possible to plan a bachelorette party without alcohol. What’s a party without it, right? We’re glad to be the ones to change your mind about it. 

A party doesn’t only include going out and drinking yourself silly. It can revolve around an outing or a pampering day. Just slap the word “party” on it, and you’re all set. If planning a party like this seems impossible and worries you, we’re here to break it down for you and tell you all about how it works.

Why We Should Plan a Bachelorette Party Without Booze

If you enjoy alcohol whenever you can, a sober party might not be your jam. However, stick around and hear us out! Not every party has to involve alcohol. Sure, you might think that that’s how the fun actually ensues, but we’re here to prove you wrong. 

When asking yourself why you should have an alcohol-free party, there are several things to keep in mind. First and foremost, not everyone can enjoy alcohol the same way others would. There are endless reasons behind that. Some people might have low tolerance, be allergic, or have many other reasons why they can’t indulge. Religion can play a huge factor, as well. There will be those who consider drinking to be against everything they stand for. You have to respect that at all times. 

On the other hand, some consider booze to be a fun catalyst, so much so that they think a party is dull without it. That’s completely fine. However, not everyone will agree with them. For a party to be a success, everyone’s feelings need to be taken into consideration. That might as well mean saying goodbye to booze.

Party Ideas Without Alcohol

Now, a bachelorette party without alcohol isn’t at all difficult to orchestrate. All you need are some fun ideas to make this entire day more memorable than it would be if everyone were piss drunk. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you some of the best bachelorette party ideas without alcohol. So, let’s get straight to them. 

Slumber Party

A proper send-off into the future bride’s marriage requires a bit of traveling through time. Planning a slumber party, the kind we had as kids, will bring everyone nothing but pure joy. The nostalgia immediately kicks in! Instead of alcohol, buy a bunch of snacks and drinks and get the party started.

Spa Day

If everyone is in more of a pampering mood, your local spas will offer you everything you could possibly need to make this chill party a success. Forget about wine and champagne. All you need to do is relax during your massage, enjoy some sauna time, and have fun doing everything else that comes in the package. 

High Tea

It’s time to kick the poshness of your party up several notches. This type of party is extremely easy to plan. Find a fancy outdoorsy place (or decorate someone’s living room), dress up for the occasion, and have cute snacks ready. This is definitely something you’ll want to redo in the future.

Amusement Park

In case you’re just looking to go out and have a good time, there’s nothing quite like going to an amusement park. There are no age restrictions for this one, and it’s fun galore! Try all the rides, taste all the candy, and win all the prizes!

Escape Room

Switch your brain on or remain locked in forever! Just kidding, but this is definitely a thrilling adventure. It doesn’t need to have a scary theme, in case anyone in the group gets easily frightened. This type of entertainment is something you can come up with yourself. However, if you don’t want to invest that much time, explore what your local escape rooms have to offer. Good luck!

How to Plan a Booze-Free Party

Now we’ll give you all the tips on how to throw a non-alcoholic bachelorette party. Not only that, but it will definitely be better than you could imagine. With that in mind, there are several things you should look out for when planning a party like this. 

Obviously, you have to talk to all of the guests first. Everyone should be on the same page with this whole not-drinking thing. That’s especially the case if the future bride herself wants this to be a booze-free party. Some people might find it hard to accept this decision. That’s totally fine. In case they’re really stubborn, you can offer them options. Drinking can be allowed, but only in moderation. This is not a get-drunk-and-go-crazy kind of party. So, if some of the guests can’t let their booze go, ensure that they don’t go overboard. 

Another thing you can do is find a place or an activity where it’s impossible to have a drink in hand. If you decide to visit an amusement park, it’s unlikely that anyone will want to walk around with a cocktail in hand. The same goes if you’re going on a shopping spree or sightseeing. Be clever about the activities you’re doing, and make sure you switch them up throughout the party. Why? Too much of one thing can’t be good, and you want your guests to have fun.


Planning an alcohol-free bachelorette party isn’t as difficult as it seems. All you need is to come up with activities that will have all of your guests entertained. That means distracting them from thinking about booze is the key. 

Still, none of that should matter. Why? This party exists to honor the bride, and everyone should respect her decision to keep this party alcohol-free. That alone needs to be enough for the guests to behave. If not, you’re all set with the best tips on how to plan a fun booze-free bachelorette party!