If you are on a budget or just not a fan of wild parties, there are still many ways to have a good time with your friends. While bar hopping is an adventure for some, others find it to be a chore. Some would rather have a slumber party instead. There are so many different ways you can enjoy your bridal party with your friends.

Why Bachelorette Parties Can Be Stressful

There are many things you need to consider. Firstly, it’s not always possible to plan everything perfectly. Moreover, you will need to find a place, date, and all of that can be quite expensive. But even if money is not a problem, many believe that bachelorette parties should be incredible and unforgettable. And that creates a new level of stress. How can you think of something that no one has thought of before? You need to be creative. You only marry once, right?

But these parties should be about friendship and bride-to-be. You don’t need to do another Hangover movie, and you can do something that everyone will enjoy. There are so many ways to make this event memorable and wake up with a smile instead of a headache.

People needlessly put pressure on themselves and try to create Ibiza-type parties, and that is ok — if that’s something that everyone will enjoy. But the main focus should be a future bride.

When Should You Skip the Usual Bachelorette Parties?

Planning for a bachelorette party takes both time and money. The idea is to focus on the bride-to-be and activities that she will enjoy. But you will also have to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts with other attendees. If you don’t have the time, ideas, or ways to make it work, skipping the party is not the end of the world.

Some brides are not fond of parties, which is a clear sign that you should find another activity. Finally, if there are many things on the bride’s plate, and if she needs to focus on planning her wedding a bit more, skipping a party might be the best idea.

Spa Day

But avoiding a party doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a great time. There are countless ways you can enjoy yourselves without getting wasted. You can always go for a spa day with your friends (or any other activity all of you will enjoy).

Take care of yourself, plan a spa day, manicure, pedicure, massage, facials, etc. You and your friends will feel reborn, and you won’t need to worry about hangovers the following day. What’s more important is that everyone will remember what happened.

Yoga Retreat

As we already mentioned, finding bachelorette party ideas and planning for a wedding can be stressful. And is there a better stress relief than yoga? The answer is probably yes, but it is still a great way to put a pause on everything and enjoy the moment. Yoga can be so relaxing, and it will allow everyone to reinvigorate in just a couple of hours.

Taking a day off during intense planning can make a world of difference, and everyone will adore this mini vacation. You can even treat your friends with a five-star experience since it is still less expensive than organizing a full party.

Go Hiking

But yoga is not the only activity that will help you relax. Instead of staying inside, you and your bridesmaids can always go hiking. Hiking is healthy, it burns calories, you’ll be out in the fresh air, and there are many ways to make it exciting. Based on your location, you can find a place where you could enjoy nature and take tons of photographs with your friends. You can choose a short hike or a longer one. You can even spend an entire day in nature.

Just being outside with them will allow you to relax, clear your head, and prepare for the upcoming wedding. And with all the calories you burn, you will be able to treat yourself with an extra slice of cake during the ceremony.

Go to the Beach

If you don’t enjoy hiking, hate all the bugs and leaves and whatnot, but still want to enjoy being outside, there is a solution. The answer is — the beach. There is something special about the ocean and enjoying the sand, sun, and water all day long. It will allow you to relax, soak up the sun, and spend some quality time with your bridesmaids.

Now, I hear some of you thinking about how you don’t have an ocean near you. That’s ok! You can always plan a nice picnic and enjoy the company of lovely people around you.

Go Camping

Camping is like hiking, just with a lot less walking. If you enjoy nature, you can pack your bags and spend a few days with your friends in nature. It can be relaxing, and it is a great way to escape from the madness of a big city.

You probably got used to hearing the traffic in your urban area, and you’d be surprised how enjoyable silence can be. Spending quality time by the fire will allow you to reflect on things that are important to you. Camping can be quite intimate, and you’ll be able to catch up with your ladies.


Remember how you adored sleepovers? Now is the perfect opportunity to do it again. You can go to your or one of your friends’ places or rent a room in a hotel. Play some music, bond with your friends, and enjoy time spent together. And you don’t even need to involve alcohol. Instead, you can enjoy each other’s company, good food, watch movies, snuggle, play games, share wedding planning tips, or anything else that will make you love every second of it.

Bachelorette parties don’t have to be about alcohol poisoning, bad mistakes, and loud music. The core idea of the event is friendship and spending time with people you love.