If you are a maid of honor or in charge of planning for bachelorette parties, there are a couple of things you need to do. Here, we will talk about costs, different options, and who is expected to pay for the entire event. 

Team Bride Except for the Bride Herself

Bachelorette parties are fun. They are marking the end of an era and the beginning of something new and incredible. However, these parties can be quite expensive based on one’s taste, and the question is who should foot the bill in the end. Finances are an important part of bachelorette party planning. 

It is up to people who organize the party to cover the cost, and they should decide how much they want to spend or what amount of money everyone should bring. Traditionally, the only person who shouldn’t pay for anything is the future bride. If there is a person in the team bride that is fortunate enough, they can pay for the entire event. However, the most common practice is to plan for everything for the party, including destination, food, and drink, and then split the bill between participants. 

Once again, it is up to the organizers to pay for the bride and decide on the budget. Needless to say, you can always split the expenses where one person will pay for food, the other for drinks, and find a way for everyone to contribute based on their possibilities and individual budgets.

Bachelorette Party Destinations on a Budget?

One of the most important things is to come up with a budget that works for everyone. This way, the planner can come up with the potential destinations and activities the bridal party can enjoy. Usually, the planner is a maid of honor, but you can do it some other way. 

It is essential to remember the goal and idea behind the bachelorette party. The bride and guests should have fun, they should enjoy themselves, and there is no reason for the event to be something you saw in a movie. It depends on the bride and what she would like to do. So, it is perfectly fine to go for a couple of drinks or a simple night on the town. 

Talk to all involved parties, and once you have a concrete budget, you can continue planning on the grand event. For some, this might include traveling to an exotic location and experiencing fun activities it has to offer. Some destinations are perfect for outdoor activities where you can enjoy nature and spending time with your friends. On the other hand, there are people who enjoy partying, and visiting Las Vegas might be a perfect choice. 

It all comes down to what you can afford and what type of activities you and the bride will love the most. Essentially, there are no wrong choices, and the only important thing is to celebrate love, life, and friendship together. See these top bachelorette party destinations.

Skipping the Pricey Activities if the Team Is on a Tight Budget

Visiting Paris, London, the Bahamas, or any other exciting location might not always be an option. Even if you consider the less expensive activities like massages and a day in a high-end spa, it is still something that might be too much for the group. 

But money is not the only factor for bachelorette planning, and there are numerous activities you can try out if the group is on a tight budget. Money is a subjective topic. What’s cheap for someone might be expensive for another person. Based on the budget, you can always travel off-season or visit some of the less popular tourist destinations. That is especially exciting if the party is into outdoor activities, and there are numerous locations in the country you can visit without spending a fortune. 

If this is the case, the group can always pick a drivable location where they won’t need to book a flight or pay for anything other than gas. Furthermore, if you are adventurous, camping is always an option.

There is nothing with cutting costs along the way, and the only important thing is love. You and the group can make your own food instead of visiting a restaurant, and the same applies to decorations and games. There is nothing you can’t do by yourself, and you can even stay at someone’s place for the entire event. People often believe that bachelorette parties should have a NASA budget and do something that no one will ever forget. 


In reality, spending time with people you love and having fun along the way is pretty unforgettable. So, be creative, and make the best of the situation at hand. And remember who is the star of the show. The future bride should feel loved and have fun, and in the end, she will remember people that made her feel incredible. Not the location or price tag.