Why You Should Throw a Destination Bachelorette’s Party

So you are “team bride,” and you want to do something for your best friends to usher her into married life. There are so many bachelorette party ideas that you can choose, from spa treatments, visiting art galleries, to rocking out at a rooftop pool party. These are all good ideas, but why not take it a step further? Many steps further? We are talking about a bachelorette destination party.

Why Throw a Bachelorette’s Party?

But first, why is there even a tradition of having a party for the bachelorette before marriage? Well, the simple reason is that it is fun. It is a last send-off for the bride-to-be before wifehood — a chance to have one final party with the girlfriends.

It can be anything from a chill time in a national park to figuring out how bad of a cook everyone is during a cooking class — it is a way to celebrate friendship. While marriage should be fun and exciting, one last hurrah would not hurt.

What Is a Destination Bachelorette’s Party?

A destination bachelorette party is a chance to have a wild last hurrah in an exciting location away from home. Puerto Rico or Palm Springs, anyone? It is about finding the perfect spot where everyone, but especially the bride, can relax, have fun, and escape the stress of planning a wedding. Think of it this way: what would be more fun than bar-hopping? Bar-hopping in a new and exciting city.

The bride-to-be will get the chance to party with her best friends in a new place that she may have always wanted to visit. You can stay in a nice place with foodservice and exciting casinos. A fun time outside the hotel room will await everyone in a never-be-been-to destination.

Spend the Whole Weekend Away With Your Closest Friends

Spending the weekend away with the bride-to-be and your best friends would be the tops. You all can taste all bachelorette party flavors in places like Napa Valley while sipping delicious wine, or sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii, or rock-climb Todra Gorge, in Morocco. The world is your oyster, so why not explore it?

You would be surrounded by your favorite people (excluding the groom-to-be), in a place that will make you feel stress-free. That is the value of going to another place. You are free to do what you want, and doing things with people that you like is priceless.

Imagine it:

  • The same sun looking anew
  • The air smelling sweeter
  • The wine and drinks tasting better
  • Your best friends by your side having an awesome experience you planned
  • Eating food that you may have never heard of
  • Seeing your friend’s reactions to everything

A good time is nothing without awesome, fun, lovable people to share it with.

It’s a Perfect Wedding Stress Reliever for the Bride

If we looked at it from the bride-to-be’s point-to-be, it would make for a great experience and an escape. Planning a wedding is a lot of work. There are people to invite, tables to arrange, food to be ordered, drinks, dresses…  Then you have to book the venue and the reception, and so much more to think about. It is stressful for the bride, so why not take her out for a weekend? But all the way out, to a place where her mind and body can relax before the big day!

She has put in the work, so she deserves an award. A party in a new location surrounded by her best friends is the greatest wedding gift that anyone could receive. Plus, you, as the organizer, will also benefit from it. You will make your friend relaxed and happy and get a chance to go somewhere the two of you (and the rest) have always wanted to go.

You Can Travel to That Place You Have Always Wanted to Visit With Your Most Favorite People

Traveling can be fun. While some people say that the journey is more important than the bachelorette party destination, those people probably ended up in dull places. You should not let that happen. Choose the place that you all want to visit, the one that always called out to you to enjoy what it had on offer.

But instead of going by your lonesome, you will be with your favorite people. And the bride-to-be will love it more because everything is much more special with your favorite people at your side. The jokes you are going to make and the stories you are going to tell will stay with you for years to come and make the whole trip more than worth it.

The Cons of Destination Bachelorette’s Party

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However, before you run off to book your dream destination bachelorette party, it is best to look at the cons. Yes, there are cons. There always are. But, if you know about them, you can work around any problem.

The first major con is that it will require more planning. You would have to make sure that it fits into everyone’s schedule, especially the bride’s. There is no bachelorette party without the bride! Well, technically, there is, but it has no point, and it will feel empty.

Another factor is cost. Since you will be looking at travel expenses, hotel rooms, and maybe even the exchange rates (depending on where you all decide to go), etc. — it will all add up. Can everyone afford it? Do they have enough time for it? And another major thing is stress. The point of a party is to reduce stress, but planning a lot of extravagant activities can be tiresome.

Final Send-Off

However, the pros can outweigh the cons. If you give everything enough notice and plan well enough, it will be the best party of your life. Trust us, it will be all worth, and everyone will love it.