If there’s one thing romcoms make us believe, it’s that the groom and his friends end up blind drunk with prostitutes somewhere across the state border. It’s usually Vegas, but some take it even further and wake up in some dodgy alley in Thailand. However, movies are mostly overly dramatic and like to exaggerate that men are the wild ones. In reality, girls party way harder!

We Know About Your Bachelor Parties

Sure, you gather the boys, make a reservation at a bar or go to the club, and have the time of your lives. That’s great and all, but we’re not the same — we do it much better. There’s still this belief that guys have crazy parties days before one of them gets tied down and says goodbye to his old ways. That’s true to some extent. But what about the girls?

Well, boys are from Mars and girls are from Venus, you know. They like to think they make the most of their last free night, but our bachelorette party activities are just as good, if not even better. From strippers to lap dances, girls’ nights tend to escalate in no time. So let’s talk about some naughty bachelorette party ideas you could use yourself.

Talking About Exes

Bachelorette weekends are great fun, and they’re full of crazy activities. From exotic cocktails to dirty dancing, you get to act like you’re in college one more time. However, what happens there remains between you and your girlfriends. One of our favorite bachelorette things to do is talking about privy stuff.

It’s not unusual for one of your bridesmaids to share her kinky fantasy or two or even go a step further and talk about her hot exes. Opening up like this usually leads to remembering embarrassing sex scenes, high school crushes, and even porn plot-like stories. But, hey, it’s all about letting go and enjoying yourself before the marriage takes over. 

Social Media Stalking

So once one of us opens up about some hot stud, you better believe we don’t leave it alone until we find him on social media. Just as soon as she says how good-looking or well-hung he is, we open up our purses and pull out our smartphones.

From Instagram posts to recent stories, we check them all out. Of course, the comments we make are hilarious and dirty. It’s just how it is, you know. The best part is when it turns out that more than one person knows him and had sex with him. Guys can’t even imagine what comes out of our mouths at that point. See how social media fosters stalking.

Don’t Panic — It’s Organic, Most of It

Fun bachelorette party games only begin when someone pulls out some pot. Moreover, the weed’s like a guest of honor. Some even consider it a perfect gift for the bride since she goes bonkers after smoking it. And you know what? That’s when stories about exes and crushes go up a notch.

However, sometimes, pot doesn’t do it. Just like guys, girls enjoy sex, drugs, and good old rock‘n’roll. Of course, this doesn’t mean they go out shooting heroin or shit like that. It’s all about uppers and partying, guys. So there’s no need to surprise yourself when you see a bunch of ladies on Molly or coke.

Flirting Here and There

Events like these rarely end without some sort of flirting. But don’t worry — it’s usually just for laughs, and it’s nothing serious. Still, why wouldn’t girls do it? Guys seem to think it’s okay for them to joke around while they’re out together.

The thing is, the best bachelorette parties have male waiters and barmen. These guys are mostly studs you’d hardly avoid while a bit drunk. On the other hand, single bridesmaids don’t hesitate to hook up with them. After all, the best parties are the ones where you flirt, kiss, or even go the extra mile.

Strippers, Lap Dances, Bump and Grind

One thing leads to another once flirting. Dirty dancing with a few lucky guys who end up at a bachelorette party is nothing new. Bumping and grinding your body against them while they walk around serving drinks is a blast. You get to have fun, see them go out of their mind, and not give them what they want.

However, planning a bachelorette party without considering male strippers is like forgetting to wipe once you’re done in the little girl’s room. It’s simply unacceptable. Most of the time, strippers are gays who know their way around the dance floor. Seeing how they don’t want anything to do with us makes cheating impossible.

Pillow Fights. Naked.

In case you’re not shy about spending some serious money, taking your bachelorette weekend to some other city is a real blast. From fancy hotel rooms to neon-lit nightclubs, you get to enjoy the perks of the high life with your best friends. What’s interesting about these types of weekends isn’t the expensive living — it’s what happens while you’re in your rooms.

You see, most guys associate pillow fights with kiddy sleepovers. And yeah, that’s what happens when you’re in middle school. However, ladies enjoy it even when they’re ready to tie the knot with their hubby. Only this time, pillow fights are all about being naked, drunk, and out of your mind.


Having the time of your life before you get married isn’t only about lame bachelorette scavenger hunts and posing for Instagram. In reality, it’s more about behaving like you don’t give a flying fudge that you have a future hubby back home. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, girls know how to party way better than a bunch of bros.