Do you have a lot in mind, but suddenly none of it is achievable because of quarantine? Don’t worry. Your virtual bachelorette party can be just as good as any. There are so many things you can do that it will feel just as a regular party would. We’ll give you some bachelorette party ideas to make the planning go even smoother.

Having “Digital Fun” in a Virtual Bachelorette Party

Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, having a regular bachelorette party is almost impossible. Forget all about trips, club parties, and high teas. Still, what’s a wedding preparation without a good bachelorette party for the future bride? Even though throwing parties nowadays is hard, there’s still a way for you to enjoy one. Welcome to the era of virtual parties!

Now, a virtual bachelorette party probably isn’t any future bride’s dream party. We think that what matters is that she’ll have one. For this party, you can use any platform, like Zoom, Google Hangouts, even Facetime. 

Wherever you choose to host the party, there need to be creative ways to enjoy it. So, make sure that all participants decorate their space, dress appropriately, and have drinks and snacks. This party can still get pretty wild!

Tasks of the Maid of Honor

This party isn’t much different than the regular one when it comes to who organizes it. The maid of honor is in charge of everything. However, she can still delegate tasks between other bridesmaids. That way, everyone can be involved and do their part. Not to mention, that’s how the party can be put together much faster. 

The maid of honor also decides who is going to be the MC. She can appoint herself to that position or choose whoever else she thinks is suitable for the role. Either way, the MoH is definitely the boss here.

Steps to Planning a Virtual Bachelorette Party

One would think that a virtual party is easy to plan. However, that’s quite far away from the truth. You have to ensure that all of the participants have the same things necessary, so a lot of planning goes into one of these parties. Especially since it’s the bachelorette party we’re talking about. So, here are the steps you should take for this to be a success.

Set Up Communication Channels

For this kind of party to be successful, you have to ensure that everyone has a good connection. We’re not only talking about WiFi but about access to one of the apps you’ve decided to use. We don’t want anyone disconnecting during the most fun parts.

Spoil the Bride Beforehand

Since you won’t be able to spoil the bride on the day of the party, you can always do it beforehand. You can send her gifts or hand-written letters. It’s all about pampering her, so find the best way to do that considering the situation we’re all in. 

Designate the MC

The MC stands for master of ceremonies, or as we say, the host. All parties have one, and it’s usually someone who has a lot of personality. The person has to be able to entertain all of the guests, as well as successfully segue from one part of the party to another. The maid of honor should choose this person wisely.

Select a theme

All good parties have a theme to follow. In the case of the virtual party, that means that all participants should decorate their spaces accordingly, as well as dress the part. For a successful theme, you can also pick a country you would otherwise visit. Decorate your space with country-themed items, prepare local drinks or food. You can even try to learn some of the language if you’ve chosen a foreign country. 

This will also mean you’re traveling without actually traveling. Even though it’s just a play-pretend, theming your party like this will definitely make everyone feel special. When the pandemic subsides, maybe you can repeat all of this in the actual country of choice.

Cater to the Bride’s Palate

Of course, all of this should be done in accordance with the future bride’s taste. You can’t really go around picking themes if you know the bride’s going to hate it. Instead, pick a country or a theme that you know the bride is going to love. It can be somewhere she always wanted to go, something she always wanted to try, or something you know is her favorite thing.

Crowdsource a Gift

One of the things you should definitely do is present a bride with a gift. All partygoers should chip in for the ultimate gift. It can be something you will show her during the party, or you can send it to her beforehand. However, give her clear instructions not to open the gift before the party. Everyone will want to see her reaction.

Introduce Activities and Entertainment

Last but definitely not least, your party should still have activities and entertainment. It doesn’t matter if it’s virtual or not. You can hire a drag queen to do a virtual show! If you’re on a budget, think of some fun group games you can play, even if you’re not together. You can even watch movies or have a dance party. The fact that everything is happening virtually shouldn’t obstruct the fun at all.

Different Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Just because this is a party doesn’t mean it should look like a party that everyone is probably envisioning. There are multiple bachelorette party ideas out there for you to consider. However, we bring you a few of our favorites. 

A fun cook-off!

Your cook-off can have a theme, or it doesn’t have to. The idea is for each of the guests to prepare several dishes and present them to the rest. It can even be their one signature dish. You can get as creative as you want with decorations and plating. May the best chef win!

Game night!

When it comes to games you can play, your hands are completely untied. There are so many options that a screen cannot ruin in any way. Not only that, but there are some apps and games you can download and play with your guests too. Whether it’s a game of Charades or downloading UNO on your phones, it’s time for some friendly competition.

Sweet Memories!

This game is all about the bride. She made an impact on everyone’s lives. So, everyone should pick someone that reminds them of her and share it at the party. It will be a really nice walk down memory lane.


Don’t let the fact that we can’t see each other stop you from having a great party. Marriage is something that doesn’t happen often, and it should definitely have a bachelorette party that everyone will remember forever.