You’ve probably heard stories about male chastity cages and devices that are designed to prevent the wearer from having sex. Are these toys real? Is it all a myth? Here, we will answer all questions about chastity devices

Getting a quick tour to history

Everyone knows the story of chastity belts from the Middle ages. They were used during the Crusades as a vow of chastity. When the crusader went to war, his lady would remain faithful thanks to these devices. But was this really the case, or is it all just a silly story? 

It turns out that there is no evidence that chastity devices were used before the 15th century. Some go as far as to claim that the 16th century was the time these belts appeared, but they weren’t as common until the 19th century. 

Whatever the truth may be, the more recent models were used not as torture devices but as a way to prevent masturbation. We know is that scary-looking belts made of metal never existed. At least not in the form people think. The oldest drawing of these chastity devices is from 1405, but the book also has devices that make people invisible. So, we shouldn’t really consider it to be a smoking gun. 

In fact, the majority of references throughout history either cite each other or use the term belt as a metaphor or satire. As for the real models you can see in museums, the chances are that these objects were made after the eighteenth century. 

Questioning the belt’s purpose

But let’s assume that stories about belts are real. What was the purpose of these toys? Was it to torture someone? Or to ensure that they reach pearly gates? The idea behind these belts is to prevent someone from cheating. Since wars were quite common in the middle ages, people played with the idea of locking their significant other until they returned from the battle. Or whatever. 

Of course, locking them completely would be cruel. But locking their genitals seems like a dream come true. The partner would be unable to experience sexual pleasure even if their faith stumbles. The belt would make sure of it. But if history and evidence taught us anything, it is that these were only ideas. Even the British Museum claims that it was all just “jokes for the tasteless.” 

Unfortunately, we will probably never know with certainty whether the chastity belt was a myth or something a lot stranger. 

A big shift in present day’s BDSM

So, the primary question here is — Are these devices real? If the history of chastity belts is fake, does that mean that belts are fake as well? Well, no. Chastity belts are quite real. There is a high chance that you can buy one in your local sex shop. In the past couple of decades, the idea of chastity has become quite popular. 

Of course, this is in the BDSM community. Probably the most popular of all these models are cock cages, which are often made of plastic or stainless steel. The idea behind them is to prevent the wearer from experiencing pleasure. No sex and no masturbation. Unless the keyholder allows it, that is. 

Once again, all of this works in theory. In reality, it is a part of power play, and both the wearer and the keyholder will have the key. We now understand the importance of hygiene, and removing the toy every once in a while is one of the smartest ideas ever. 

While it is possible to find belts for ladies, male chastity devices are a lot more common. The thrill comes from the shift in the power play. That is, the mistress will order their sub to wear a cage and deny them pleasure. This way, they won’t be able to touch themselves or have sex, experiencing “torture” with every passing second. The goal of it is to have fun, though, and teasing and denial are another popular practice that doesn’t require stimulation or penetration. 

What pleasures do men get from these?

The majority of people will ask the same question, and they will fail to understand what part of not having sex is pleasurable. There are a couple of ways these cages can work to ensure that the wearer feels good, though.

Firstly, delaying orgasms or pleasure in any way will build up tension. Once the toy is removed, the ex-wearer will be able to last longer, perform better, and enjoy their newly found freedom. 

But there are also those that enjoy not being able to have sex. They focus on other things in a relationship, and it’s not rare to hear about someone dreaming of permanent chastity. Yes — their ultimate goal is to be able to wear the cage forever! 

Is abstinence a good way for better orgasms?

The short answer is yes. But not for everyone. You see, someone that dreams of humping everything in their surroundings won’t be delighted if someone locks their genitals. And that is a perfectly normal reaction. But there are people who find the whole power play arousing. They find the idea of completely surrendering control to their partner incredible, the results being something out of their wildest fantasy. 

Since they are indulging in their sexual fantasies, removing the toy will undoubtedly lead to better orgasms. The thing is that it is not for everyone. Cock cages are designed to improve communication, trust, and intimacy between partners. And you need to really want it if you aim to achieve anything with them. 

Chastity belts for a better BDSM roleplay

As we mentioned before, chastity belts and cock cages are rather popular in BDSM. The dominant partner will “order” their sub to wear a cage, and the submissive person will need to… well, submit. 

Once again, tease and denial work incredibly well with cages since the dominant will be able to tease their partner, and the cage will prevent them from experiencing pleasure. It is sweet torture. And there are so many people that enjoy it. 

Finally, those that dream of permanent chastity will gradually increase the period they spend in a cage, aiming to wear it a bit longer each time. You can use the toy however you want, though. It is up to you and your partner to find the thing that works for both of you and that you will be able to enjoy.